The White House Opens Its Doors to the Future of Women’s Football
Adrienne Smith , Editor | Nov 22, 2014
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On November 14, 2014, I witnessed a huge play for women’s football. For the first time in history a professional women’s football team was being recognized and honored by the White House.An easy feat?I think not.An overnight success?Not even close.From the first evidence of women playing organized football in 1926 to the hundreds of teams across the globe today, every effort has driven women’s football to this moment.This recognition is not just for the Boston Militia, but for each player, coach, owner, trainer, sponsor, fan, and every supporter of women’s football as a whole.

The Office of Public Engagement and the Sports Outreach Administration opened their doors on November 14th and gave women’s football a voice and a powerful launching pad.Players and staff had a chance to share their struggles, successes, and dreams.As the primary liaison for athletes, teams and leagues at the White House, David Dietz provided significant insight into the various sports and health related opportunities for women’s football.Hallie Schneir, Deputy Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls applauded the team for their hard-fought success and for being positive role models for women and youth.

As the popularity and support for the women of the gridiron continues, so do the opportunities to influence our youth and the culture of women’s sports.With the White House on our team, women's football has gained great field position. Now it's time to move the ball again and every athlete and supporter plays a role not only in revolutionizing the sport of women's football, but in paving a better way for future generations.

Leeann Brzozowski - GIQ CORRESPONDENT (Instagram/Twitter: @leeleebz)

Leeann Brzozowski is a freelance journalist covering the sports and automotive industries. She actively serves as a correspondent for Gridiron Queendom and Automotive Rhythms. She has covered events such as the Super Bowl, Indy 500, and NFL Play 60 initiatives. Leeann is a former IWFL player who has played on both sides of the ball. Her positions included receiver and outside linebacker. She has also helped to direct and manage youth flag football camps. A labral tear to her hip in 2008 caused Leeann to step back from the field to heal her injury. During that time she discovered a way for her to satisfy her love of the game by becoming a voice for women's football. Leeann is the Founder and CEO of a wellness company called, QiLiving. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and currently resides in New York City.

Leeann Brzozowski |Nov 21, 2014
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