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Women's Tackle Football

Charging into the web3 space

GIQ is the premier destination in the metaverse for women and girls around the world who play, or are fans of, American football.

Sweden 1st TD high def_smith_edited.jpg


Sasha Santiago,
Director of Grid Edge Studio


Adrienne is the aspirational role model the metaverse has been longing for. A real-life Wonder Woman who isn't asking for permission, she's Taking It and forging  paths  for women and girls in the space"


Hrish Lotlikar
CEO of Superworld

I’m thrilled to be working with GIQ and Adrienne and honored for the opportunity for SuperWorld to bring visibility to women’s football and promote active participation from women and girls in the Metaverse.


Lawrence Orsini
Founder of SYNK

“These are the first NFTs that will be launched on Synk’s platform. It’s absolutely the world’s first carbon-negative NFT collection. It makes us proud to support Adrienne (Smith) in this way.”




Milestone 01.

February 13, 2022

Announce Genesis Release:

GIQnft website soft launch. 

First Women’s Football NFTs in collaboration with

Milestone 02.

March 8, 2022

Women’s History Month Drop:

Passing TD First Edition - 100 NFTs

  • 10% of GIQ’s net proceeds from primary sales will be donated to Grrridiron Girls – a non-profit organization that teaches girls ages 6-17 the sport of flag football.  Grrridiron Girls was founded by Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in the NFL.

  • For every 10 Passing TD NFTs sold, GIQ will select one random holder to receive a poster-sized version of the Passing TD card autographed by Adriene Smith, creator of the Blitz Champz football card game and CEO & Founder of Gridiron Queendom.

  • When all 100 Passing TD NFTs are sold, GIQ will select 10 random holders to receive a Blitz Champz deck autographed by Adrienne Smith.

Milestone 03.

May 2022

Women’s Tackle Football Season Has Begun:

2nd GIQ NFT Collection Announced

  • The 2nd GIQ NFT Collection will be a collaboration with a well-known sports brand.

  • 10% of GIQ’s net proceeds from primary sales will be donated to organizations such as:  Grrridiron Girls, the Boston Renegades Foundation, and the Utah Girls Tackle Football League

  • Remaining net proceeds from primary sales will be used to provide the following:

---Scholarships for female football players ages 17 and under

---Funding for girls’ flag football teams

---Funding for women’s flag and tackle football tournaments/leagues

Milestone 04.

November 2022

50th Anniversary of Title IX:

2nd GIQ NFT Collection - 100 NFTs

  • The 2nd GIQ NFT Collection will be truly innovative.  The collection itself will be comprised of gorgeous, 2D artwork, and holders will have the option of having a life-sized version of their NFT created and shipped to them.

  • In addition to the women, girls, and non-profit organizations that the 2nd GIQ NFT Collection will support as outlined in Section 3 of the roadmap, this collection will support the artistic community that will be involved in bringing the real-world versions of each NFT to life.

  • For every 10 NFTs sold, GIQ will select one random holder to have a one-on-one Zoom session with Gridiron Queendom CEO & Founder, Adrienne Smith.

  • When all 100 NFTs are sold, GIQ will select 2 random holders to have a life-sized version of their NFT created and shipped to them.

Milestone 05.

December 2022

Women’s Tackle Football Championship:

GIQ Championship Collection - 100 NFTs

  • The GIQ Championship Collection will celebrate the historic rise of women’s tackle football.  For the first time ever, a women’s tackle football championship game will be broadcast live on ESPN2!

  • We will commemorate this historic achievement with a series of unique 2D NFTs with unlockable 3D utilities.

  • Proceeds from the GIQ Championship Collection will follow the details outlined in Section 3 of the roadmap.

Magic 10

Adrienne the 10

​As one of the best-performing wide receivers in women’s football history, having won two gold medals and four national championships throughout her women’s tackle football career, Adrienne knows a thing or two about what it takes to compete—and win.

As an entrepreneur, Adrienne, an MBA graduate of Columbia Business School, is the co-founder of Harlem Hip-Hop Tours, a company dedicated to edutainment field trips for schools and youth groups, and Gridiron Queendom, an enterprise dedicated to women and girls around the world who play or are fans of American football. 


Adrienne is also the creator of the award-winning football-themed card game Blitz Champz—bringing the excitement and joy of football to kids and families in a fun, action-packed, and educational way that reinforces math skills. Blitz Champz has led activations with NFL FLAG to deliver the excitement of the game for youth participants, and NFL teams including The Houston Texans and The Las Vegas Raiders have featured Blitz Champz at events including youth football clinics.

Mint NFT

Blitz Champz Passing TD O.G. Card

Featuring Adrienne "Magic 10" Smith

World's First NFT Dedicated to

Women in Football.

Only 100 NFTs Minted

Each Passing TD NFT has a unique set of traits and they're randomly assigned.

Gridiron Queendom's genesis NFTs. ​

Passing TD Generative Works

First Edition Release: March

Second Edition Release: Winter 2022

Total number of Passing TD NFTs: 2 Editions = 200 NFTs

Present Status:  SALES ARE OPEN

Please send 300 ADA to this wallet if you wish to buy a GIQ Passing TD NFT. 


Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 4.58.23 PM.png

Direct Sale FAQs


  • How to avoid rug pulls?

    • These NFTs are minted in a carbon-negative way. The process of obtaining a Passing TD NFT is unique - as it's a direct sale process. The ability to purchase these NFTs are only possible when Adrienne Smith herself is participating in a Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces live session and inviting you to engage. Join the First Movers list to stay updated. ​

  • First Movers may purchase up to 3 Passing TD First edition NFT per wallet. 

    • 1 Passing TD NFT = 300 ADA​

    • 2 Passing TD NFTs = 600 ADA

    • 3 Passing TD NFTs = 900 ADA

  • There will only be two editions of a total of 200 NFTs minted for this NFT - Ever! 

  • GIQ's Passing TD release is the World's First Women's Football NFTs

  • GIQ's Passing TD release is the World's First Carbon Negative minted NFTs

  • Passing TD NFTs are minted through the SYNK platform onto the Cardano blockchain

  • The cryptocurrency we accept for this NFT purchase is called ADA (aka; Cardano) 

  • The price for each NFT in the First Edition is 300 ADA (Cardano)

  • There will be a 10% royalty on secondary market sales to support the GIQ team.

  • There are no gas fees or platform fees associated with the NFTs in 1st Edition. 

  • Sign up through a crypto exchange like Coinbase to convert USD to ADA. 

  • Do not send ADA (Cardano) from exchanges (e.g. Coinbase), please use your own wallet.

  • We recommend Nami, Yori, GeroWallet, ccvault, and DAEdalus Wallet. 

  • The first 100 NFTs are available to those who joined the First Movers pre-sale list. 

  • Each Passing TD has a unique combination of traits and no two NFTs are exactly alike. 

  • The Passing TD NFTs are randomly selected and distributed.

  • After your purchase, expect the transaction to take1-7 days for the NFT asset to land in your wallet. These NFTs are all handminted and require their own verification process. 

  • You may email us after you have made your purchase(s) to confirm if you're payment went through. Please include your wallet address in the email so we can verify the purchase. 

  • There are no refunds. If you make a purchase after the first edition drop is listed above as SOLD OUT, you will receive a credit towards a future GIQ NFT drop.  

  • GIQ plans to drop a series of NFT collections seasonally.

  • The 2nd Edition of the Passing TD NFTs will be released in stages starting this summer. 

  • The price of the 2nd Edition will be the future floor price of the 1st Edition

  • There will only be 2 editions of 100 Passing TD NFTs minted and released.

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