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Female HS football player from Compton selected for all-star game

A senior at Compton’s Centennial High School is having quite a year: all-star in football, class president, 4.3 GPA.

And Eriana Pula is also the only girl selected to play in an upcoming all-star game.

The 5-foot-10, 250-pound offensive guard and defensive line tackle was recently selected to play in the California Classic all-star game in Pomona next month, the first female to represent Los Angeles in the matchup.

“I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity to play football with the all-stars and a bunch of boys,” Pula said.

Kevin Steele scouted her for Plays and Grades, the organization which runs the all-star game.

“I did not know when I scouted her that she was a girl,” Steele said. “I didn’t see that. I did not know that. She’s a good player.”

Her mother Emo Pula, a teacher at her high school, says when her daughter first approached her two years ago wanting to play football, she was a bit concerned.

“Of course I was always worried but I knew with her skills and athleticism I knew she could do well,” she said.

Pula says being accepted by her high school football team was a bit challenging at first.

“A lot of people doubted it but once they saw I could do it, it was like, put her in.”

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