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‘Just go do it’: Alicia Dickerson hopes to encourage other girls through football

POWHATAN, Va. (WWBT) – Many teams in the region are looking to make history and win their first championship ring while others are looking to repeat, but Powhatan High School is making even more history with their second ever female player.

Alicia Dickerson is an offensive guard and a defensive lineman for Powhatan’s JV football team.

“This my first year for Powhatan High School,” Dickerson said.

She’s the only female player on the team and only the second in Powhatan’s football history dating back to the 1980s.

“She came to a lot of the workouts in the spring and throughout the summer, so we just tried to treat her like every other player,” varsity coach Michael Henderson said.

“She knows what she’s doing, and she comes prepared everyday,” JV coach Mike Mangiaracina said. “They treat her just like anyone else in drills. They’re very encouraging, and she just fits in with everybody.”

“The varsity is shocked,” Dickerson said. “JV, I’ve been playing with half of them for four years.”

Football isn’t new to Dickerson. She’s been playing organized football for the last five years and with her male cousins in the back yard since she was a child.

“I’ve known Alicia and saw her play little league football when my son was playing the last couple of years so I wasn’t surprised when she came out,” Henderson said.

Each day as Dickerson puts on her helmet and takes the field, she says she feels right at home.

“It doesn’t phase me, I just feel like one of them,” Dickerson said.

As Dickerson hits her dreams with full force, she hopes to send a message to other girls.

“Just follow your dreams,” Dickerson said. “Just go do it. It’s fun.”

The JV team’s first scrimmage is Aug. 29 against Atlee High School. For the team’s full schedule, click here.

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