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National treasure Betty White, 97, is ready for some football in new NFL promo

Hey, quiet, everybody! B-dog is talking now.

Betty White, that is. And in a new promo celebrating the kickoff game for NFL’s 100th season, the former “Golden Girls” star and national treasure has a few things to share about the game.

The promo for Sunday Night Football on NBC, starts out with commentator Al Michaels standing at a podium wondering how anyone could put the feeling of 100 years of the NFL into words.

“I can!” chimes in White, looking terrific at 97 and sitting in an appropriately throne-like chair covered in red velvet. Then she shushes him by noting, “B-dog is talking now!”

She then runs through the teams who’ll kick off the milestone season on Sunday, Sept. 5: the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

It’s a superbly hilarious choice, in part because White’s fans know she has a tendency to pop up in sports-related places. “Golden Girls” featured so many sports references it spawned a podcast discussing them, “Golden Girls Sports,” and of course there’s that legendary Snickers commercial from the 2010 Super Bowl featuring white getting tackled on the field. (No, she didn’t really get knocked down.)

Plus, she’s one of the few national treasures we have who’s even close to being as old as the NFL. So we get the connection.

As White says in the promo, “There’s only one thing more badass than this year’s kickoff. And you’re looking at her!”

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