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Pennsylvania high school kicker proves girls can hit hard, too

Kelly Macnamara is the first girl to play for the North Penn High School football team, so she knows a thing or two about having to prove herself. And the junior kicker even will lower that shoulder if she has to.

That’s a very good hit on a tough play. Sure, the return went for decent yardage, but if that unnamed player from Central Bucks East manages to evade Macnamara, he might have been off to the end zone. Note the smooth change-of-direction play that allowed him to cross the 50.

profile from last year in the school newspaper describes how Macnamara wound up on the roster:

Kelly had no prior football experience. She knew the team had a need and she simply tried out.

“I heard the previous kicker had graduated and I thought I’d give it a shot.”

Confident in her leg strength which was developed from playing soccer from the time she was five years old, Kelly knew she could add some value to the football team. Her soccer skills have given her the wherewithal to compete against athletes on many different levels and the confidence to go up against the guys.

Macnamara’s caption to her video post was “7-0.” That’s her team’s record, so you know she’s busy kicking extra points. And kicking butt.

— Kelly Macnamara (@kellmac_) October 9, 2016

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