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Trio of Moline girls play high school football for the Maroons

Written by Joey Donia

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Moline students Caroline Hazen, Vivian Veto and Ruby Sepeda are playing high school football for the Maroons.

We’ve got some young ladies that are rock stars in our football program and really we don’t treat them any differently at this point, they’ve been around for a year and they’re excited to be apart of things, just some great young ladies, a great representation of what we believe in in a program, you know it doesn’t matter who you are or what your talent level is, there’s a place for everybody in our football program” said head coach Mike Morrisey.

Hazen is the first female the ever play varsity football for the Maroons as the team’s starting kicker. Like Hazen, Veto is a soccer player. She is kicking for Moline’s junior varsity football team.

“I saw Caroline do it, but I’ve always had some of an interest in football. I always kind of wanted to be a kicker and just seeing Caroline do it made me know that I can do this too and this is something special” said Veto.

Meanwhile, sophomore Ruby Sapeda plays on the offensive and defensive lines for Moline’s JV.

“I love it, it’s just like playing with your brothers, like older brothers, just pretend like they’re your older brothers and stuff and go out and have fun” said Sapeda.

“Having Vivian and Ruby there supporting me is super nice because I feel like we all just support each other and bring each other up and it just makes everything more comfortable and like we’re more confident in ourselves because of each other” said Hazen.

Moline will kickoff the season Friday night at Rock Island in this week’s TV6 Spotlight Game.

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